KONE Destination Solutions

KONE Destination Solutions

KONE Destination Solutions


Unlike conventional elevator control systems which only register the desired travel direction, our destination control system takes into account desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to significantly improve efficiency and convenience.


  • The best performance and passenger convenience in one solution, enabled by the most advanced and flexible technology on the market
  • Clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded elevators by assigning people an elevator according to their destination floor
  • Attractive, user-friendly operating panels, including new touchscreens and mobile applications for smartphones
  • Easy integration with KONE Access or third-party access control systems
  • KONE RemoteCall™ allows for a touchless people flow experience. Passengers can make personalized elevator calls from their mobile phones.


KONE People Flow Intelligence brochure

Our comprehensive, flexible People Flow Intelligence solutions help people move around your building quickly and comfortably while improving securing and access control.

KONE Destination Control System

KONE Destination is a destination control system that incorporates desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to significantly improve elevator convenience and efficiency.

KONE Turnstile

This premium half-height sensor barrier features durable, high-quality steel and glass, access and destination control integration, stylish lighting options and a range of visual guidance alternatives.

KONE Destination Touchscreen

Get the quick facts on our KONE Destination touchscreen operating panel.

KONE Infoscreen Cut Sheet

The KONE InfoScreen is a quick and easy way to deliver multimedia and web-based information in the elevator car and improve guidance in your building or facility.

KONE keypad car operating panel with media screen

Learn how multimedia and web-based information can be seamlessly integrated with the car operating panel to enhance the passenger experience and guidance in your building.

KONE RemoteCall fact sheet

Get quick facts on KONE RemoteCall

KONE Elevator Call

A touchless solution to calling elevators

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