Elevator Modernization

All Elevators will Eventually Need Modernization

It’s a painful fact that everything wears out and eventually needs to be replaced, and that includes a building’s elevators. Even with proper maintenance, aging equipment inevitably requires more service, and often uses outdated or even obsolete technology. Power consumption and costs run higher, and tenant satisfaction levels fall.

A quick win to boost your building’s value and attractiveness is to modernize the elevators.

Smart elevator systems not only provide enhanced ride comfort but also offer the flexibility to adapt to future building needs, which may improve building energy efficiency.

KONE DX™ elevator modernization solutions are your perfect choice for your low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings, making people’s journeys safe, convenient, and reliable.


Smart Elevators for a Connected World

Everything is connected in an increasingly digitalized world, and elevators are no exception. Connectivity makes your elevator smarter and more desirable with new people flow solutions and a variety of innovative new services, making life easier and more enjoyable. Upgrading an existing elevator ensures that your building evolves with tenants' changing needs and allows you to take advantage of future smart-building technologies.

Redefine the User Experience

You can create an experience that really connects – on every level. By providing real-time information to passengers and to other smart building applications, you can redefine the experience of riding in an elevator. You can enhance accessibility, availability, and improve safety.

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Elevator Modernization and Smart Insights

As your experienced partner for smart buildings, KONE elevator modernization helps you manage your property more efficiently and can give you valuable insights into end-user behavior leading to optimized people flow, improved experience, and greater satisfaction.

Our Elevator Modernization Solutions


Full Replacement

With KONE MonoSpace Flex® DX - our full elevator replacement solution - we completely remove your old elevator and install a brand-new, accessibility-compliant traction elevator in your building’s existing shaft. We recommend this option if your existing elevator is:

  • Outdated and consumes a lot of power
  • Unable to accurately level with landing floors, causing dangerous tripping hazards
  • Unreliable with frequent breakdowns

Traction Modernization

We can upgrade your elevator’s performance and appearance and potentially cut operating costs by updating entire systems – such as the hoisting machinery, signalization, or doors – in one go. Modular modernization is ideal if your elevator is:

  • Consuming a lot of electricity
  • Doesn’t level accurately with landing floors
  • Has an outdated and impractical interior

Start by choosing from KONE ReGenerate™ DX - our gearless traction modular modernization solution, or KONE ReSolve™ DX, our geared traction modernization solution, and then customize to fit your exact modernization needs.


Hydraulic Modernization

Our hydraulic elevator modernization solution, the KONE HydroMod™ DX, gives you a modern elevator that provides a smooth, quiet ride while meeting the latest safety and accessibility codes. This solution is ideal if you have a hydraulic elevator that is:

  • Frequently out of order due to mechanical wear and tear and worn-out or obsolete electrical components
  • Operating inconsistently and unreliably, increasing your maintenance costs
  • At the end of its useful lifecycle

KONE ReGenerate DX

KONE ReGenerate™ DX is a comprehensive controller and hoisting modernization solution that can save a considerable amount of money (and trouble) over your elevator’s lifetime.


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