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A maintenance solution for every need

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Smart, Customized Maintenance and Service Contracts

Everything begins with listening carefully and understanding what you, your equipment, and your users need. We can then create a maintenance solution to match.

You’ll receive a clear proposal that sets out exactly what’s included and what isn’t so you can decide on how to fine tune things before signing up.

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Preventive Maintenance to Prevent Equipment Disruption

Preventive maintenance helps to avoid problems from occurring in the first place and keeps things running safely and smoothly. We create a maintenance plan for your equipment based on its usage and other relevant factors.

We’ll keep you informed on any repair and modernization needs and update you on equipment condition and performance during annual reviews.

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Fast, Reliable Service for Emergency Situations

If something does go wrong, our technicians can fix most problems in a single visit. We’ll keep everyone informed about what’s happening and when the equipment will be up and running again.

You can select from a range of contract options, including plans that include breakdown visits or repairs in the fee and flexible maintenance scheduling to minimize disruption in your building.

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Smart Online Access to Your Maintenance Information

KONE Online gives you instant access to information on maintenance contracts, equipment, ongoing maintenance work, and callouts and repairs. You can also generate reports on completed maintenance work and costs for easier planning and budgeting.

KONE Mobile is a smartphone app that lets you track the status of the equipment we maintain for you, including 24/7 Connected equipment, as well as ongoing, past, and upcoming maintenance work.

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Intelligent IoT-powered 24/7 Predictive Maintenance

Take advantage of the latest in intelligent predictive maintenance with KONE 24/7 Connected Services – fewer faults, faster repairs, increased safety, and a clear picture of everything that’s going on with your equipment.

How to buy elevator maintenance – a guide

How to buy elevator maintenance – a guide

Our helpful, practical guide takes you through the essential things to think about when choosing a maintenance partner and specifying a contract.

KONE Online and KONE Mobile

KONE Online and KONE Mobile

Stay up to date with equipment status and maintenance work progress around the clock with our KONE Online web portal and our KONE Mobile app.

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