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ModelMax TravelMax LoadMax SpeedMore Information
KONE MonoSpace 300 DX48'3,500 lb150 FPMSpecs (PDF)
KONE MonoSpace 500 DX ≦350 FPM150'5,000 lb AIA350 FPMSpecs (PDF)
KONE MonoSpace 500 DX >350 FPM350'5,000 lb AIA700 FPMSpecs (PDF)
KONE MonoSpace 700 DX300'5,000 lb AIA500 FPMSide Specs (PDF)
Rear Specs (PDF)
KONE Freight DX75'10,000 lb150 FPMCSI Specs (PDF)
KONE MiniSpace DX590'5,000 lb AIA1000 FPMSpecs (PDF)

Generate 2D and 3D BIM drawings using real data

KONE elevator planning tools allow you to create elevator BIM files free of charge, with no registration required.

KONE Design Collection

KONE’s elevator finishes enhance the look and feel of a building. Lighting that creates the perfect mood. Material combinations that inspire and delight. Make every elevator ride an inspiring and comfortable one with the KONE Design Collection.

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