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Sourcing at KONE is based on a category management approach to enable enterprise-wide coordination of sourcing activities, supplier management and optimal support for our global operations. Our sourcing professionals around the globe are systematically realizing synergies and cost reduction through internal and external collaboration.

We collaborate with internal stakeholders and our suppliers to maximize business value and bottom line impact. We want to continuously improve customer value and profit contribution by proactively engaging best-in-class suppliers as well as our organization in collaborative teamwork.

We will relentlessly provide innovative solutions and reduce the total cost of ownership so that KONE is competitively positioned in every market in which we compete.

Becoming a KONE Supplier

Becoming a KONE Supplier

We are constantly evaluating our supplier base and seeking new innovative suppliers that can help us create value to our customers. If you want to become a KONE supplier, please send an e-mail describing your company and product as well as contact details to our category management at

Read our terms and conditions applicable to all KONE suppliers

Terms and Conditions

Read our Terms and Conditions applicable to all suppliers



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