• One point of contact for your project improves coordination and speeds construction.
  • KONE provides all materials necessary for the elevator installation, eliminating guess work and possible delays working with other trades.
  • You can rely on our proven track record of quick, efficient, and professional installation of the highest quality.


  • No machine room or control room required leaving more leasable space for more profitable use.
  • Integrated control solution (ICS) panel neatly slides into the top floor entrance frame.
  • KONE Monospace 300 DX features the lowest headroom requirement KONE has to offer.


  • KONE MonoSpace 300 DX is powered by our eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc® gearless hoisting machine.
  • Designed to use half the energy of conventional hydraulic elevators.
  • Eliminates hydraulic oil, reducing maintenance time and preventing the mess and unpleasant smells linked to hydraulics.
  • Traction technology provides a smoother, quieter ride for passengers.

The KONE Monospace 300 DX elevator is your ideal solution for any type 2-4 story building.

Commercial Elevator

Movement of passengers, equipment and goods is crucial for any business; utilize an elevator with proven KONE technology.

Residential Elevator

Designing a low-rise apartment or condo building? Provide passengers with reliable elevators to improve the tenant experience.

Medical Office Elevator

Moving patients, nurses, and doctors to where they need to be is crucial. In these facilities you count on reliable, smooth and efficient vertical transportation.

Hotel Elevator

An efficient, trouble-free elevator is crucial for a hotel because it provides smooth transportation of guests and their luggage between floors, providing a positive guest experience and may prevent potential complaints.

Office Elevator

Fast, dependable elevators are crucial for office buildings, enabling smooth, safe, and reliable people flow.

Complete and On-Time Installation

KONE MonoSpace DX elevators are designed to save space and are a cost-effective option for your construction project. Additionally, our refined installation method for elevator components helps to maintain the project schedule, keeping it on-time and within scope.



  • Smart Construction
  • Effective Communication
  • Strong Commitment to Safety
  • Turnkey Solution

Machine Room-less Traction vs. Hydraulic Elevators

Machine Room-less combines the best of an overhead traction elevator and a hydraulic elevator.

MRL AdvantagesHydraulicMachine Room-less Traction
Operational ReliabilityNo hydraulic leveling issues.
Faster150 fpm vs. 100 fpm plus no leveling transition.
Better ride qualityNo hydraulic feel or noise.
More efficientTypically greater than 50% energy savings.
No machine roomSignificantly less noise and heat during operation. Eliminates the need for the construction of a costly code-compliant machine room.
Product lifeLonger life due to hydraulic components that require replacement (pumps, motors, valves)

Elevator Equipment Details

KONE MonoSpace 300 DX is an optimized elevator solution for low-rise buildings.


  • Speed -ft/min(m/s): 150 fpm (.75 m/s)
  • Max. travel -ft(m): 48 ft. (14.6 m)
  • Capacity - lbs(kg): 2000 - 3500 (907 - 1588)
  • Landings: 2 - 4


  • Choose from professionally designed cab interiors
  • Create an elevator that stands out. Choose from a wide range of materials, accessories and lighting solutions.
  • Try our online cab designer now: KONE Elevator Cab Designer

The comparisons used above are all in relation to hydraulic elevators.

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