Training Excellence

We take pride in our industry-leading team of technicians, and makes sure they have the training to stay the best. Our service technicians are given intensive, up-to-date instruction in all brands of elevators, escalators and doors. With 24 training centers offering 55 global training courses in 20 languages, you can be sure that the local technician who answers your service call knows the equipment and the best methods for servicing it.

Our service technicians are trained in Modular Based Maintenance, our industry-leading preventive maintenance method, based on tailoring unique maintenance plans for each building and piece of equipment.

Spreading and updating the knowledge is a non-stop activity at KONE. And not just knowledge of KONE, but also of all brands of non-KONE equipment. Four Competence Centers around the world assist in growing our global knowledge base and in sharing it with workers in the field. At the same time, local expertise and training guarantee that the technician who answers your call knows your equipment as well as anybody, and has the tools and the skills to do the job.

The KONE Service Training Program

The KONE Service training program is one of the most extensive in the industry. It is built upon the more than 100 years of deep, highly technical experience accumulated by our training resources. The curriculum is built upon the best methods in the classroom, and hands-on training which exposes our personnel to real life scenarios utilizing simulators. When our personnel leave our training sessions, they have the ability to not only work on the systems covered by this training, but also effectively share what they have learned with their fellow technicians.

For non-KONE equipment, our classroom training is often supplemented by on-site training. For some equipment models, we are best served by sending one of our field engineers to the site to review the equipment condition and performance, and make related recommendations to our local branch personnel and building owners and/or management. During that visit the field training of the local service technicians is conducted (while on site). This allows us to provide all personnel that may be working on the equipment with the skills necessary to trouble shoot and adjust that equipment, as well as maintain it. The advantage of this approach is our ability to train our technicians based on site-specific application requirements. This differs from the generic, simulator-based training provided within much of the industry today, and is designed to meet your specific needs.

In addition our Technical Services group is deeply involved in the development of the diagnostic tools used by our field employees when troubleshooting and adjusting other manufacturers’ control systems. This approach allows our technicians with the knowledge and support necessary to work on all makes and models of equipment.


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