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What is predictive maintenance?

It is just what the term suggests – a service that uses AI-based analytics to identify potential issues in your equipment before they cause problems. But how does predictive maintenance benefit your business and building? Take a closer look.

Hotel visitors can be critical

Reputation means everything in the hotel business. A smooth guest experience can help you garner positive reviews and repeat business. Unplanned interruptions, however, can leave a negative impression on guests, and bad reviews can have a negative impact on future business.


Better brand image:

Avoiding major problems means better customer experiences, better reviews, and together with superior service, justifies premium room prices.


Smooth People Flow™:

Intelligent predictive maintenance reduces disruptions and improves People Flow during peak hours.


Less downtime, fewer complaints:

KONE Online makes it possible to reduce downtime and guest complaints.


Optimizing through data:

With cutting-edge predictive maintenance technology, we utilize data to optimize People Flow.

“Hotel visitors are paying for the whole experience. If something goes wrong – it’s no good. In a way, KONE 24/7 Connected Services is like insurance to avoid negative feedback.”

Kristoffer Ekström, Sales Manager, KONE Finland

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