MiniSpace Mid- to High-Rise Elevator

Description Space- and energy-efficient elevator for mid- to high-rise buildings up to 63 floors
Application Machine Room Above
Speed - ft/min(m/s) 200 - 700 (1.0 - 3.5)
Maximum travel - ft(m) 590 (180)
Capacity - lbs(kg) 2000 - 5000 (907 - 2268)
Landings 6 - 63
Recommended signalization


  • Needs only half the overhead machine room space of a traditional traction elevator.
  • Superior ride quality.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Wide variety of size, decoration and signalization options.
  • Designed for mid- to high-rise buildings up to 63 floors

Our Polaris destination control system for passenger elevators can dramatically improve vertical transportation in residential buildings, office buildings, hotel and business complexes. With its wide and flexible range of visual designs, elevator call personalization and security options, Polaris will also have a positive impact on the look and feel of the entire building.