Recruitment process

Recruitment Process

As an applicant you have the opportunity to apply directly to any of the open jobs published on our Apply Now page. Alternatively you can leave an open application in our global candidate database which we search when looking for a certain type of skill or profile.

Once you have completed and sent your online application you will receive an automatic email confirmation. Our Human Resources team and local hiring manager will review the applications and invite the most qualified candidates for an interview. We may conduct several interview rounds before a final selection is made. The duration of the recruitment process will vary.

Application process to the KONE International Trainee Program (ITP)

In early January the ITP positions are published in the Careers section of our Corporate website. You can apply separately to a maximum two of them. Complete the online form and enclose an application letter, Resume/CV and your current study transcript in English.

The application period ends in mid February, after which a Global Human Resources team will evaluate the applications and invite the most suitable candidates for an interview.

The interviews take place in February and March and the final selections are made by the hosting unit in April. All applicants are contacted by email or phone when the selections have been made.