EcoSpace Low-Rise Elevator

Description Using green KONE EcoDisc technology, it's the ideal low-rise MRL solution.
Application Machine Room-Less (MRL)
Speed - ft/min(m/s) 150, 200, 350 (0.75, 1.0, 1.78)
Maximum travel - ft(m) 150 (45.7)
Capacity - lbs(kg) 2000 - 5000 (907 - 2268)
Landings 2 - 15
Recommended signalization KSS 570

KONE was the first to provide an MRL elevator solution in the 1990s and today leads the industry with over 500,000 MRL applications. Utilizing revolutionary KONE EcoDisc technology, the hoisting machine attaches to the guide rail while all control and logic systems are integrated into the front wall of the hoistway at the top landing, thus eliminating the need for a separate machine room.

General Overview:

  • Leading MRL elevator.
  • Uses less energy.
  • Uses no oil.
  • Creates more usable space.
  • Designed to fit in the hydraulic footprint.
  • Pure traction performance.
  • Ideal low-rise solution for new and existing buildings.

For Existing Buildings

Replace that old hydraulic elevator with a fast, eco-efficient KONE EcoSpace EB.

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