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Door upgrade is an open-and-shut case

It’s easy to take the door operator – the mechanized device that opens and closes elevator doors for granted. But are you willing to risk a shut-down?


Mounted on the elevator car top, the door operator acts like a traffic cop, ensuring safety by allowing passengers to enter and exit elevator cars only when the car is stopped at a landing.

Because it opens and closes at every single stop, the door operator is the most-used component in your elevator. Heavy use translates into heavy wear – and that can result in shut-downs. Replacement of existing door operators is suggested after 10-15 years of use.

Designed for 800,000 door operations a year, the KONE ReNova door operator system is ideal for high-traffic, mid- to high-rise applications. It is available for use with equipment produced by most existing manufacturers. Why take chances? Learn how this upgrade can prevent shut-downs and damage to your equipment!


  • Improves reliability of the door system and reduces operating noise
  • Decrease service interruption and increases availability, which may reduce operating expenses not covered under your maintenance agreement
  • Reduces noise improving tenant satisfaction
  • Improves passenger and tenant perception of the equipment and building overall
  • Rugged mechanical design prolongs equipment life
  • Increases safety and reduces claims risk