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KONE elevator owner's instructional video

Immediately below you will find the full-length version of our instructional video for KONE elevator owners. This video will explain what type of elevators keys you will receive from KONE and how each one is to be used to operate the elevator. If you scroll down you will also find short segments of the video if you would like to review the instructions for just a specific key.

Watch videos in French here

KONE elevator owner's instructional video (full instructional orientation video)

KONE elevator owner orientation intro safety key overview

KONE 1 key overview

KONE 2 key overview

KONE 3/ FEO-K1 (fire service key) overview

KONE 4 key (communication system) overview

KONE 5 key (to restrict floor access and door use) overview

KONE Elevator Owner Orientation no hoistway access overview


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