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KONE Care™ Standard

KONE Care Standard provides a comprehensive service visit schedule for your equipment.

  • Includes preventive maintenance to keep everything in good working order. Breakdown and repair services are invoiced separately.
  • Provides 24/7 access to KONE Customer Care Center.
  • KONE Mobile application provides real-time information on ongoing maintenance work.
  • With KONE Care Online service you can access your maintenance data anytime.
  • Ideal for facility managers of low and mid-rise residential buildings.

KONE Care™ Plus

KONE Care™ Plus is a true lifecycle management where KONE can share risk and liabilities in a more comprehensive repair and maintenance agreement.

  • Includes preventative maintenance, adjustments, repairs and service requests.
  • Real-time information about ongoing service and repair
  • With KONE Care Online service you can access your maintenance data anytime
  • Ideal for customers who rely on vertical transportation for the success of their buildings operation

KONE Care™ Premium

KONE Care™ Premium is the ideal solution when uninterrupted people flow and equipment reliability are critical to your business.

  • A Service level agreement with defined service hours, response times and guaranteed availability of equipment
  • Contractual quality assurance metrics presented on a routine basis by our team of account managers.
  • Maintenance history reporting is available to support you with real asset management planning


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