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EcoSpace EB – Full Replacement for Existing Buildings

Instead of replacing your old elevators with similar technology, KONE offers you a new choice. Our innovative Machine Room-Less design is the first turnkey full replacement elevator solution for existing hydraulic elevators. Thanks to the revolutionary EcoDisc® motor, EcoSpace EB fits into the existing hydraulic hoistway with capability to seamlessly interface with your existing entrances.

KONE has sold 200,000 Machine Room-Less elevators globally, with an excellent record of operating reliability. So, instead of complicated, lengthy and expensive retrofit upgrades, KONE provides a brand new elevator.

  • Everything from the site survey to the dismantling of the existing equipment is carefully thought out in order to minimize disruption to your building.
  • Our optimized maintenance program minimizes downtime and ensures safe and reliable lifetime operation

EcoSpace EB Advantages

  • For the owner: Minimized building disruption, increased property value, accomodates reduced pit depth and overhead.
  • For the tenant: Smoother, quieter ride, no hydraulic oil odor, optimum stopping accuracy, sophisticated car features
  • For the environment: No hydraulic oil, energy-efficient, recycle existing elevator where feasible, minimize building materials