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Trends in modernization of elevator systems

July 24, 2020

By Dennis Viehweg

At KONE, we’re seeing three trends in modernization: full replacement, destination control as a standard system and elevator machine replacement solutions. Each of these are rapidly gaining traction among building owners looking to optimize people flow – and the global pandemic is only increasing the demand.

The KONE MonoSpace® 500 Flexfull replacement solution provides impressive benefits, including improved ride comfort, better performance and reduced callouts. A traditional modernization adapts old and new technology, which tends to drive up callouts and sub-optimizes ride comfort and performance. KONE MonoSpace® 500 Flex, on the other hand, allows customers the benefits of a completely new elevator.

Revolutionary within the industry, KONE MonoSpace 500 Flex allows KONE to reuse existing hoistway entrances and doors. This minimizes disruption during installation, and meets customers’ needs with a more efficient, innovative solution which is very price competitive to that of traditional modernization.

KONE Destination delivers an intelligent approach to optimized people flow. With smart, easy-to-use elevators, boarding is orderly, cars are uncrowded, and travel time is shorter, with fewer unnecessary stops.

KONE Destination also streamlines security management within the building’s access control system. Because no two buildings are alike, KONE Destination is highly customizable to accommodate VIP visits and secure floors. Unique solutions can be tailored to meet individual customers’ needs and varied applications.

And finally, machine replacement is becoming standard on all modernization projects. KONE is the leader in gearless modernization applications, and its leading solution, KONE MX technology, offers superior performance, rideability and ride quality at a competitive price.

These three trends showcase the importance of elevator performance, capacity and space utilization. The more things change, the more they don’t. Now and tomorrow, vertical transportation drives efficiency and end user experience.

Dennis Viehweg, Senior Vice President, Modernization

About Dennis Viehweg

Dennis Viehweg serves as the Senior Vice President of Modernization for KONE Americas.

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