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  • 08-04-2020 Returning to work – safely!

Returning to work – safely!

Aug. 4, 2020

By Dan Walsh

For those who live in urban areas, going back to work is a multi-layered challenge – not the least of which includes elevators. When everyone returns to work, how do we maintain social distance in the elevator? How do we get everybody to work on time? How do we avoid logjams in building lobbies?

In Smart Building Management, this challenge represents the essence of people flow. Seamless movement through a building is no accident. Sophisticated data analysis merges with unique expertise to streamline transitions from lobby to elevator to office. In a global pandemic, those transitions must remain seamless even as they take on an added layer of safety.

KONE elevates the process through a broad-based team approach to Smart Building Management. Working closely with property management and building tenants, KONE generates in-depth data establishing optimal arrival and departure windows. When the building’s workforce arrives on a staggered schedule, wait times remain manageable and social distancing is smooth and intuitive.

Property management uses the same data to identify the number of people that can be staged in the lobby in a socially distanced layout. With staggered arrivals and departures, wait times are carefully calibrated – and that extra layer of security adds peace of mind.

Building tenants play an important role in communication and management. By relaying clear messaging, tenants ensure that the appropriate number of workers arrive in the lobby during any given window of time. And with effective organization, people gather in a socially distanced way, rather than shoulder-to-shoulder in a mob.

As people return to work incrementally, we’re here with you all the way to help make the adjustments and recalculations needed to ensure a safe environment. Providing the data you need and the solutions you depend on, KONE is your trusted partner!

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About Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh serves as a Vertical Market Business Director KONE Americas.

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