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  • 06-22-2017 KONE JumpLift in Action During Construction of Toronto’s One Bloor

KONE JumpLift in Action During Construction of Toronto’s One Bloor


June 22, 2017.

Toronto’s tallest condominium, One Bloor, is a marvel of mixed-use engineering. Standing at 843 feet with 79 floors, construction of One Bloor requires massive-scale transportation of crewman, building materials and future residents. Answering this lofty task is KONE JumpLift, a temporary motor room installed inside the permanent hoist way that moves upward as the building progresses vertically.

One Bloor is North America’s first application of KONE JumpLift, and transports 350-plus One Bloor construction workers safely every day. Featured in Toronto morning show Breakfast Television, host Tammie Sutherland explores KONE JumpLift in action during the construction of One Bloor. Check it out.

KONE JumpLift removes the need for weather-dependent exterior hoists that slow down construction and put workers in harm’s way. KONE JumpLift gives builders a competitive advantage when tendering for projects by providing lower costs, faster delivery and reduced downtime during permanent elevator installation.

Once One Bloor is complete, a permanent machine room will be installed, along with final aesthetics for the elevator car, doors and signalization. JumpLift will transform into a residential-use elevator maximizing People Flow, and join six KONE EcoSystem MR™ elevators, three MonoSpace® elevators and two escalators. Two of the three high-rise EcoSystem MR elevators will feature the KONE JumpLift technology.

Want to learn about KONE JumpLift? Contact KONE Americas for more info and we’re happy to chat through capabilities and installations.

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