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  • 06-20-2017 KONE field team wins national service award

KONE field team wins national service award


June 20, 2017.

During the recent Field Service USA 2017 conference in Palm Desert, California, the KONE Service team was recognized for its work in Field Service. At today’s awards presentation, KONE was named recipient of the “Most Innovative Approach To Service Delivery” award. KONE was one of 15 service-based companies nominated for a second award, “Most Effective Technology Deployment To Increase Service Levels.”

Members of the field service industry gather annually to discuss new technologies, processes and products. As part of the conference, speakers from a wide variety of companies lead conversations on numerous topics. KONE regularly participates in this conference and members of the KONE leadership often lead conversations and make presentations on field service. Larry Wash has been a key speaker; Jay Dietz and Wayne Dowty have participated as panel presenters.

This award recognizes KONE’s innovative approach to service delivery. Our partnership with IBM Watson®, IoT and cognitive analytics positions KONE to provide the best outcome for our customers.

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