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  • 08-19-2020 Integration into building systems – now and tomorrow

Integration into building systems – now and tomorrow

Aug. 19, 2020

By Victor Garcia

For decades, elevators went up – and they went down.

Today, elevators provide tailored access, they help service robots navigate buildings and, in the case of a hospital landing pad where an elevator is summoned by a helicopter as it lands, they save lives.

KONE has been delivering integrated solutions for years. As we provide solutions to our customers, the evolution of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) makes us much nimbler. Progressing from a circuit board in the elevator machine room to cloud-enabled connection, it’s now much faster and easier to push updates and feature sets.

We’ve created an engine that makes it possible to communicate to all systems, in essence riding on top of an existing app. And when apps themselves become so yesterday, we’re ready. Our system has been engineered to be flexible enough to allow backend interfaces. Current integration allows for a future we can’t imagine yet.

Integrating elevators with a hospital’s app
At a major rehabilitation hospital, for instance, patients control lighting, the TV and sound with a hospital app. After surgery, the same app calls the elevator that takes them directly to rehabilitation.

With APIs, the ride can be tailored to the individual. Music and video help build the user experience. Visiting VIPs can view current stock data. Office workers can receive internal announcements and quick reminders.

Integration with food delivery apps, stadium apps and cashless, contactless transactions is already happening. We’ve made the system flexible so it can respond to the market. And because it’s cloud-based, the only limitation is how quickly we respond. With our APIs and the way they’re being formulated, the potential is limitless!

The phrase “elevator music” communicates a certain mundane quality. That’s not where we are today, and not where we’re going. At KONE, we want elevators to provide an experience, something people talk about as they pass through a building. Why not make it something that’s memorable, helpful and enjoyable?

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About Victor Garcia

Victor Garcia serves as a Building Access Control Specialist for KONE Americas.

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