EcoMod Features

Latest Technology

New newel ends with roller bearing assembly. Modifications reduce handrail drag, extending handrail life and reducing downtime.
Floating lower reversing station with precision cast track system. Provides smooth operating step band and quiet operation.
Unique, positive-type, free-floating step guidance system. Delivers a smoother ride and enhances passenger safety.
Robust track designed for consistent narrow step-to-skirt gap. Meets the Escalator Step/Skirt Performance Index without skirt brushes and reduces exposure to liability.
A sophisticated microprocessor-based controller. Constantly monitors speed, direction, safety status and other key operating parameters, enhancing safety and simple diagnostics.
A closed-loop permanent magnet brake compensates for load, continually adjusting. Ensures smooth, constant deceleration improving passenger safety.
One direct drive machine that powers both steps and handrails. Improves the ride and passenger safety by providing a fully synchronized handrail and step movement.