Escalator modernization

Escalator Modernization

Why modernize an escalator?

Your building is probably used differently today than 20 years ago when your escalators were installed. Escalators that were state-of-the-art can become unreliable and seem painfully slow. The efficient and smooth ride that people experience in newer buildings sets a new, higher standard. Additionally, today we are all more focused on the need to provide the safest environment and save energy.

The KONE EcoMod™ complete escalator modernization is a unique solution to the industry. This four consecutive year winner of the Elevator World Project of the Year award, is a solution that allows you to retain the existing truss and install new technology within, providing you with a new escalator without the trouble of a construction site.

KONE escalator modernization solutions range from individual upgrades such as energy-efficient soft-starters, chains, and steps to a complete replacement of the inner workings of the escalator. These modernization solutions increase the value of your building by providing new technology with minimal interruptions to the building’s operations and passenger flow.