ReNova Door Operator Upgrade

Performance & Reliability

Over 70% of elevator service calls are caused by faulty or worn-out door components. That’s why KONE ReNova™ high performance door modernization solutions are designed to allow you to retain all, part or none of your existing hoistway door equipment. This delivers the flexibility that you need to enhance the value of your door operation upgrade and receive the benefits of the latest door technology and performance.

KONE ReNova solutions:

  • Offer among the fastest open and close times in the industry. Faster doors mean quicker floor-to-floor times and shorter waits for passengers.
  • Are designed and tested reliable for 800,000 elevator starts a year. That’s almost four times the typical demand.
  • Can reduce operating noise by 50%, compared to conventional operators.


Compared to new technology, outdated door equipment may appear to operate erratically and inefficiently and it may react slowly to changing conditions and objects in the path of the doors.

KONE ReNova closed-loop control and patented door technology are designed to provide efficient, fast acting doors. This, combined with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and ingenious Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (V3F) drive, deliver enhanced performance in every situation.


Optimal door operation is key, but you want attractive and durable finishes too. KONE has a wide array of new door finish options. Whether you need a basic enamel finish or a custom architectural finish, your KONE professional is available to help you select the best option for your application.