ReSolve Controller Upgrade

KONE ReSolve™ includes a range of solutions for modernizing your elevator’s electrical system with proven technology. KONE ReSolve’s modernization process is based on a clearly defined installation methodology, matched with KONE’s solid project management experience to ensure a safe and efficient project from start to finish.

KONE ReSolve solutions are the latest example of KONE innovation. The KONE ReSolve modernization packages are designed for all types of existing traction AC and DC elevator systems; for low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings. KONE ReSolve is an advanced elevator control system, that utilizes serial transmission technology and offers a complete line of control enhancements and drive technology for your building application.

Save energy

We can reduce your power consumption from 4000 to 2650 kWh/year (based on a capacity of 1400 lb. running at 200 fpm with 150,000 starts/year).