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Elevator Modernization

KONE, a world leader in people-flow management, has created an impressive portfolio of modernization tools and processes. With the KONE Care for Life™ service, KONE conducts a full analysis of your current installation and prepares an elevator modernization plan to raise the elevator to modern standards of performance, safety, aesthetics and accessibility.

To suit elevator modernization needs identified by KONE Care for Life, KONE can offer modernization solutions ranging from individual elevator parts, to modernization packages, to full replacement solutions.

Why modernize?  

Modernization keeps your elevator running smoothly for the lifetime of your building. It ensures that your equipment works safely and reliably, and it can save money in the long run by reducing maintenance and energy costs. It is also an investment that can add new features in order to keep up with changing requirements. For example, people live longer today and they want a higher standard of safety and accessibility. New legislation creates new safety and accessibility requirements. New technology improves performance and increasing energy efficiency. And requirements may change, for example if a residential building is converted into a hotel. For passengers, modernization with KONE means safety, comfort, and the aesthetic appeal of modern design. For building and facility managers, it means improving performance, energy efficiency and people flow with minimum disruption and maximum availability. And for owners, it means predictable lifecycle management.

  • Safety – Peace of mind
  • Energy efficiency 
  •  Cutting energy costs
  • Accessibility
  • For all passengers
  • Performance
  • Continuous people flow
  • Aesthetics
  • First impressions matter

An elevator modernization is an investment in the long-term value of your building, and in the convenience and safety of visitors and residents. Such an investment can pay for itself by increasing capacity, saving energy, and improving reliability and accessibility. It can also provide more intangible benefits, such as improved comfort and appearance.

When you decide to modernize your elevator, KONE ensures a smooth process from start to finish. For each project, KONE assigns a project manager who manages the whole process. Their job is to provide a single point of contact, to answer any questions you might have, and to make sure that the project is completed on time and on budget. They can also provide information about permits, subsidies and regulations.

They coordinate everything from planning to installation. When the installation is complete, KONE conducts a safety and performance inspection, making sure the new elevator meets the relevant norms.