Now is the time to think about elevator modernization and escalator modernization.

An elevator or escalator, like any machine, eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle. Even with regular maintenance and repair, after decades of constant operation - starting more than 100,000 times a year and travelling thousands of miles - it may need to be replaced or thoroughly modernized.

More than one third of the world's elevators and escalators are over 20 years old. In that time frame, even the best maintained equipment could fall short of expectations. The purpose of KONE modernization solutions is quite simple: to increase the value of your asset by keeping the elevators and escalators running safely and reliably for the lifetime of your building.

KONE offers modernization solutions ranging from individual elevator and escalator parts for KONE or competitor manufactured equipment all the way to full replacement solutions for almost the entire elevator and escalator installation.

Why modernize?

Modernization keeps your elevator and escalator equipment running smoothly for the lifetime of your building.

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What to modernize?

The KONE Care for Life service helps you decide what, when and how to modernize.

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How to modernize?

We ensure a smooth modernization process from start to finish, coordinating everything from planning to installation.

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Free Webinar

Building the case for green retrofits today.

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KONE Care Phone Monitoring

Is your elevator monitored? We have both voice and data solutions.

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