KONE Spares – Parts to Keep You Moving

KONE Spares is a spare parts operation, with a complete warehousing system that operates alongside and integral to other important teams within the KONE Service Business. KONE Spares is globally networked and is an industry leader in the development of strategies for purchasing, storing, ordering and delivering spare service parts. The KONE Spares team understands quality requirements, customer urgency and the critical importance of their overall role in KONE’s Service Business.

KONE Spares maintains an inventory of over 15,000 different parts, worth over $12 million for both KONE and non-KONE equipment. In addition to the warehoused inventory, KONE Spares also has agreements with over 1000 other vendors and suppliers to utilize their inventory, drop shipping directly to the site if necessary, in order to minimize downtime. KONE Spares focuses on comprehensive life-cycle management and continuous improvement on the parts provided, to ensure only the highest quality and best value of the parts supplied.

The KONE Spares inventory is also the third level of support for our customers’ needs. The first level is a dedicated site or van inventory which is matched to the equipment usage of that site (or route in the case of the van stock). Replenishment of parts used from vans and dedicated sites occurs automatically and deliveries are typically sent to a FedEx facility located in the center of each route or to the site itself. Improved availability of parts in vans and at dedicated sites for callouts and unplanned repairs means less travel time for our technicians and less down time for your equipment. The second level of support is the local branch inventory which matches the usage of the branch as a whole, and typically houses larger components, and expensive, fragile components such as PC boards.