Canadian Communities

Welcome to KONE's Canadian Communities web page.

We are excited to be part of the Canadian Communities network of quality providers of goods and services. With a nationwide team of dedicated vertical transportation professionals, KONE can assist with all your service, repair and modernization needs.

We also offer a full line of vertical transportation products for all applications. Please feel free to get familiar with our products and services and do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Communities KONE Account Manager for further assistance and information!


The following are the contract and RFP documents for KONE and Canadian Communities (all in PDF format):


Those wishing to become a participant, please use the link below.  This will take you directly to the registration section of the Canadian Communities website:

Those already registered and who would like to request contact for a new project, please use the following link:


To contact KONE regarding U.S. Communities offerings, please call:

800-956-5663 - Voice
309-743-5469 - Fax

Also, you can email us at