MonoSpace 700 Installation

The absence of a machine room is not the only factor that speeds up the installation process of KONE MonoSpace elevators. Many other aspects of the MonoSpace contribute to more efficient and safer installation methods.

  • Shorter construction times are a result of the unique modular design. A smooth and efficient installation process was an integral part of MonoSpace development.
  • Scaffold-free installation using state-of-the-art tools means time-savings, safety, flexibility and avoiding cranage in most cases. It also minimizes disruption to other trades, as most of the work is performed inside the well.
  • Efficient project management is a KONE promise. A Project Supervisor will handle the entire installation process from beginning to end, ensuring on-time completion within budget.

Need additional information about site preparation?  The KONE MonoSpace site preparation plan will help educate you on the requirements related to the equipment installation for your project.