MonoSpace's Eco-Efficient Operation

The KONE MonoSpace Machine Room-Less platform is one of the most environmentally sound elevator concepts in the industry. Based on our KONE EcoDisc technology, it incorporates KONE’s commitment to deliver solutions that use less energy and recycle as many products and components as possible.

  • The energy-efficient EcoDisc consumes approximately 40% less energy than conventional traction machines and produces less heat
  • EcoDisc, with no oil required, removes the need for repeated lubrication, clean-up and disposal of hazardous waste materials, all of which are found with conventional systems
  • 95% recyclable materials

A Superior Solution - A Simple Comparison

2,500 lb Capacity Application Traditional Traction (Geared) MonoSpace (Gearless)
Speed (fpm) 200 200
Motor size (kW/hp) 22 hp 8.7 hp
Typical current values (Amp)
    Nominal 58 18
    Starting 105 30
Main fuse size (Amp) 80 25
Energy consumption (kWh/yr) 30,640 13,093
Thermal losses (BTU) 9,450 4,777
Oil requirement (gallons) 4 0
Control space noise level* (dBA) 65-70 50-55

*Measured 3'-0" from machine room