Accessibility for Everyone

Our solutions are designed to meet with tightening safety regulations as well as improve accessibility within buildings for everyone.

Our solutions give us an opportunity to assist all users in their daily lives and to improve accessibility for those with impaired mobility.

Even the smallest changes can greatly improve convenience for users.

  • Larger elevator cars improve access for people with baby strollers and those using wheelchairs.
  • Elevator doors that stay open longer improve entry and exit accessibility.
  • Elevator doors with accurate leveling make entry and exit asier and safer.
  • Mirrors provide better visibility for wheelchair users, allowing them to back out safely if the elevator car is too small to turn around in.

Preventative maintenance that keeps equipment in good condition, and modernization that ensures equipment meets the latest safety and accessibility standards are important elements of improving accessibility.

5 easy ways to improve accessibility

1. Improvements in space efficiency make a difference. By for example modernizing an elevator, the space inside the car can be increased

2. Wide-opening doors make entry and exit easier for passengers using a wheelchair or pushing a stroller

3. Accessories such as handrails and mirrors provide support and help to improve visibility

4. Braille signalization and audio announcements help people with hearing and vision impairments

5. An elevator can be installed in a building previously without one

Little things matter in safety

We at KONE design our solutions with safety as a top priority.

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