A passion for challenge

The role of innovation is growing. A lot of today’s people flow challenges are the result of urbanization together with aging population and infrastructure. Whatever the challenge, KONE has a passion for making people’s lives easier.

KONE is known for its open-minded approach to research and development. KONE explores technologies in other industries and monitors changing markets, trends, customer needs and working methods. In order to identify the latest areas of development, KONE maintains a continuous and systematic dialogue with all KONE country organizations. This is a joint effort that combines R&D with design, customers and KONE sales, service and installation personnel, and supply-line with suppliers. Cooperation with universities, research centers and other companies ensures constant development of our know-how and technology.

KONE takes a long-term approach to meeting people flow needs. KONE concentrates on optimizing total lifetime costs. For example, KONE has introduced several innovations that provide significant energy savings. Sustainability is also a solid part of new KONE innovations. With innovative maintenance and modernization solutions, KONE provides efficient performance and peace of mind for the full lifecycle of the equipment. And an elevator trip is not just a ride – it’s also a travel experience. So KONE creates a complete ride experience with aesthetics, comfort, safety and accessibility.

This is how KONE creates breakthrough solutions that set new standards for the industry.