Career Development

Looking for an opportunity to use your business and technical skills in a truly international environment? Why not aim at a career that also offers continuous learning and self-development?

KONE supports the development of its employees by offering a wide range of different types of work (view Job Opportunities) and Global Learning Programs. Teamwork with people from different countries and different job functions helps you develop a wider perspective on global business.

At KONE, individual professional development is a top priority. All staff members engage in Performance Management Process (PMP) discussions with senior managers on a regular basis. Your personal targets will be identified and integrated with company targets. It’s a proven way to help you develop your full potential, and helps ensure that KONE meets its business objectives now and in the future.

We offer infinite options. At KONE, your career path can be as unique as you are. You might choose to move vertically by deepening your knowledge and experience in a specific department, or you may decide to make lateral moves, broadening your skill range. Whichever path you choose, your individual development plan will foster continual growth.

A key to that is our extensive training program. A variety of professional training programs are available to help you strengthen and develop your skills and talents, enhancing your ability to contribute to the team and advance your career.

KONE also provides assistance for external education in addition to our internal training options, helping keep your skills aligned with KONE business needs and strategic goals.