Campus FAQs

Does KONE have internships or co-op positions?

KONE offers college students the opportunity to play a global role through the International Trainee Program, in which students apply for internships in KONE units abroad. More information about the program can be found on the KONE International Trainee Program site.

What happens to my resumé after I submit it online?

If you have created a profile and submitted your resumé, it goes into our database, where it will be matched against current and future openings. If you have applied for a specific position, your resumé is automatically linked to that position for consideration by the hiring manager and recruiter. Need to make changes to your resumé after you’ve submitted it? Be sure to return to the site and update your profile so we have your current information.

Can I send my resumé via FAX or e-mail?

At this time, applications are accepted only through our website.

When I apply online, how will I know if my application was successfully submitted?

After you apply, you should receive a confirmation email from us immediately. You can also create a profile and access it at any time to confirm your application.

How does the interview process work?

At KONE, we get acquainted with you through a process consisting of three interviews and a web-based profile assessment. Within one week of each step, candidates learn whether they will proceed to the next step.

How can I search and submit my resumé for specific jobs?

Go here to search jobs and apply online.

How can I find out locations of KONE offices?

Visit the office locations section of this website.